Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sorting a few things out

I had a bit of code cleaning to do to prepare for putting tops and bottoms on a infilled solid.  Of course, it took longer than I expected.  All the same, it's done for now.  I was able to run a 5 mm high exercise this afternoon.

You can see with this skirt routine that when I specify a 10 mm skirt, you get a 10 mm skirt.  Note the hole in the middle of the raft.

I've got some additional code to put in to convert extrusion/head speed rates into widths and depths of print roads automatically.  That should cure the gaps between the infill and the perimeters.  Right now, I am doing thumb sucks.  I'm getting pretty close but not spot on.


Thomas Charron said...

Lookin good, getting closer to fill routines I see on the Dimension.

Code available yet?

Forrest Higgs said...

I've given out a couple of copies of the code to people who wanted specific routines from it. It's purely a research tool for me at this point, however, so that I can try out a few things that Skeinforge won't let me do. I've no plans to give Enrique competition in that regard. :-)

Unknown said...

Great looking prints nice and sharp.

I meant to ask last time is this stand alone package or a plugin?

Forrest Higgs said...

Stand alone. What would it plug into?

Thomas Charron said...

I'd be interested of the code if you wouldn't mind. I've been considering simular methods of filling, etc, as it looks like you've implemented already.

Send me an email. twaffle at gmail dot com.