Thursday, February 18, 2010

End to end

I wrote a routine that serially checks paths and reverses them, if necessary, to minimize the travel distance between one path and the next.  Basically, I look at the end points of each path, then print the first path and compare its trailing end with the end points of the next path. I then choose the nearest one.  If it is the leading point then I print the path as is.  If it is the trailing point, then I reverse the path and then print it.

As you might imagine, it greatly reduces the print time and makes for a much cleaner printed raft.

I now have all of the routines running more or less properly to print objects.  That comes next.


Unknown said...

I think I understand...

It was printing 1 diaganl line then going up to start again at the top?

You have modified it to be more like a bi directional printer so it prints down the prints up.. is that right?

Forrest Higgs said...