Sunday, February 28, 2010

Putting a lid on it

I was able to shuffle around image files and, starting from the top of the slices {a "sky" slice that is taken above the print object} find which parts of the print object need lids {closed infills}. Here you can see an earlier test print showing the cross-hatched infill.

This pic shows the infill print in progress this morning.

The lid(s) on a print {depending on the complexity of the object there may be many} are taken in several layers by smoothly closing the infill down in several layers till you get a complete seal for the lid itself.  Here you see the first layer of the closing of the infill being printed.

Here the lid is closed completely.

Note that I still have some work to do to get the infills and lid to mate properly with the perimeter  Finally, you can get a better look at the print quality of the object removed from the printer.

Slice and Dice, as a personal research tool, is basically operational now.

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