Thursday, January 25, 2007

Documenting the basic structure of Tommelise

Recently, I built up the basic structural elements of Tommelise in the open source Art of Illusion (AoI) 3D modelling package. I took the opportunity to correct a few dimensions that I would have built somewhat differently, like making the xz vertical positioning stage a bit narrower, than I actually did in practice.

Other than a few things like that, it is shown in AoI pretty much as built. Mind, I am not particularly happy with the 1/4 inch steel guide rods that I used with the xy positioning stage, either. I may yet change them over for 1/2 inch ones. The 1/4 rods are entirely too flexible for my taste, though they don't seem to have caused trouble yet.

In any case, if you are interested in using the Tommelise design as a starting point for your own homebrew bootstrap 3D replicator, this AoI file will give you the dimensions of the basic structure. Keep in mind that AoI is not a CAD package so you have to set up a grid to get dimensions. The measurements are done in inches.

I will be building a more complete structural description of Tommelise in the Documentation section of the Clanking Replicator Project website in a few days.