Thursday, February 04, 2010

Skeinforge on a tear

Has anybody seen anything like this before?

Skeinforge processes the STL properly but crashes when it tries to export the BfB file.  I've had this happen a bunch of times now.  Oddly, if I lay the beams on their sides they process and export the BfB properly.  When I stand them on end, however, it crashes.

I've watched the job's progress half a dozen times on the Task Manager and haven't been able to see any consistent set of conditions which might be causing the crash.

Any insight into what might be happening would be greatly appreciated.


laszlo said...

Im wondering if you have enough memory in your computer...

Here is a link:

Best regards,

The Ruttmeister said...

I had skeinforge randomly break itself... it seems to be a corupped csv file, as wipind them all fixed the problem. I ended up manualy looking up all my old settings and re-entering them.

Forrest Higgs said...

laszlok: I have 4 Gbytes of DRAM installed in my system.

Ruttmeister: I think it may well be time to install a newer version of Skeinforge.

Forrest Higgs said...

Gritted my teeth and downloaded the latest version of Skeinforge. The problem went away.