Wednesday, December 09, 2009


I treated Mendel part z-leadscrew-base-bar-clamp_2off in the same way, viz, a segmented apron. You can see what this looks like in Netfabb.

As printed, the part looked like this.

Cleaned, it looked like this.

There was a very mild bit of curl on the right-hand edge {~0.5 mm}.

There was a small problem in that the near side of the part tried to delaminate.  The part has two horizontal holes that run the length of the part.

I think, perhaps, that the settings that I am using with Skeinforge didn't get me a proper fill there.  More to the point, as I learned eons ago as an architect, it's much easier to design a part than it is to design a part that you can build.  For HDPE, it seems to me that if this part was maybe 4-5 mm wider leaving the longitudinal holes in the same place, this delamination wouldn't have occurred.  Mind, it may not be a problem with PLA and ABS.

Other than that, no problems.

If you want to play with this part associated with segmented aprons, you can get the STL file here.

Several people have complained that they can not get the x-carriage-lower_1off part to print in ABS.  I've rerigged my Rapman 3.0 for ABS and am attempting to print it now.  I hate the stink of ABS.


Unknown said...

I was wondering that maybe the segmented aprons work well for you to reduce warp, because they keep heat trapped in the printed object for longer (the aprons will be cooling first). As a result the object cools more gradually and will not exhibit as much shrinking.


Forrest Higgs said...

It's possible, I suppose. I don't know. All I know is that the method works. :-D

Steven Walter said...

This STL file works great for me too, thanks! Now I have the opposite problem: I can't get the part off the acrylic bed when it's done. How do you do it?