Saturday, September 25, 2010

When ego takes charge

Nordom recently printed a brilliantly executed M30x70 bolt, nut and washer ensemble.

I was, of course, quite jealous of his accomplishment and still am.  It is just a beautiful thing.

That got me to wondering, though, just how small a bolt one could print?  As usual, I was too impatient to wait till Nordom got permission to distribute the STLs for his bolt and finally found something similar in Thingiverse.

I hate recessed head bolts so I replaced it with a regular hex head and scaled it down to a M10x20.  After several tries I had something useful.

I've put it beside a similar metric bolt on the Rapman for scale.

Although the metric scale threads work in ABS, it seems obvious to me that something cut a bit deeper would be more useful.

Now that I've got that out of my system, I'll be going back to working on my carpal assembly.


Erik de Bruijn said...

It does hold promise for reducing the unprinted part count... Though there are probably smarter ways to go about this because you can just as easily produce custom parts than standardized fasteners.

Forrest Higgs said...

Indeed. I had no real purpose in making a nut and bold ensemble other than to just demonstrate that it was possible.

paul said...

Are there any semi-standard snap-fastener details out there? That's the kind of thng that would be delightful to just add to a design.