Sunday, August 01, 2010

Printing in trays

Ordinarily, I like to print parts one at a time while I am design them. The telepresence finger, however, has reached a rather advanced state, so I've written a small script to shuffle two print files together so that they can be simultaneously printed.

The travel time between prints gives them a chance to cool and lets me print much smaller isolated features like the post circled in red successfully than would otherwise be possible.


WalkTrainPlay said...

Hi there.
That´s very interesting. How do the final parts compare to an injection molded model-kit part (surface smoothness and accuracy)?

It´s hard to see on the photos if there´s any stairstepping. I was looking for some info about the real resolution of the Reprap, but no luck so far.


Forrest Higgs said...

Positioning accuracy on my system runs at 0.1 mm while layer thickness runs 0.25 mm. My extruder has a 0.3 mm orifice and you get a thread of about 0.4 in ABS out of that.

WalkTrainPlay said...

Thx for responding.

Hm, so for now quality-wise not really comparable to an Airfix model (for example).

jbayless said...

Even the best commercial quality 3D printing doesn't give as good a surface finish as low-grade injection molding.

When 3D printing companies show off smooth finishes, they've usually undergone some post-processing such as a chemical treatment, or even sandpaper.

WalkTrainPlay said...

Yeah, I suppose. Next week I´ll be evaluating a V-Flash, but in my head I´m already starting to commit to a Roland mill, LOL.