Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Monday tests on the 6.35 mm filament extruder

I decided to run a few preliminary tests on the 6.35 mm filament extruder before I did further work on it.

I used semolina as a proxy for polymer resin to check to see if the assembly would pump. There was no problem with that. I then inserted the PTFE thermal barrier into the assembly to see if I could pump semolina through that.

The semolina immediately jammed in the thermal barrier passage. It formed a 15 mm plug almost exactly like that I encountered when using the same auger bit in 1/4 inch steel pipe except the steel pipe only made a 5 mm plug before jamming.

The plug was easy enough to clear once I detached the thermal barrier from the polymer pump assembly.

Think that the problem might have been specific to the semolina I then used a few grams of the CAPA resin in powder form that I recently acquired as samples. The same thing happened.

Any ideas?

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