Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Segmented aprons work with ABS

I was lazy. I didn't even bother regenerating the gcode for x-carriage-lower_1off using ABS assumptions instead of HDPE assumptions. The first time I ran it just after resetting the Rapman 3 for ABS I didn't get the extruder orifice close enough to the print surface and the raft peeled away after a while.

I reset the z-axis and got it right the second time.  Hint:  The first level of raft extrusions have to be 2 mm wide or it will peel.

I'm too tired to do anything more than wait for this print to finish.  I'll finish the blog entry in the morning.

Okay, so I wasn't too tired.  HDPE on the left, ABS on the right.

The point is, however, that segmented aprons pretty much completely suppress warping in the Mendel x-carriage-lower_1off part.  Using ABS gives you much finer detail than HDPE does for a 0.5 mm orifice.

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