Saturday, July 09, 2011

Printing a Mendel derivative

After talking with my son recently, I concluded that he needs to start printing a lot faster than I'm going to have Sampo debugged and duplicated. I have a lot of 8 mm linear shafting and linear bearings in stock, so I decided to build him a Mendel derivative using Sampo firmware and controllers. That should get him printing a lot faster than would otherwise be the case.

I started printing parts for a Prusa Mendel yesterday. So far, so good. Got the gantries finished and am printing the rest of the parts now.

5/16th inch threaded rod is pretty much a one on one replacement for M8, #8 machine screws replace M4s and #4 machine screws replace M3s.  I couldn't see much point in printing the SAE Mendel.  I'm going to have to redesign the extruder carriage to seat linear bearings instead of those strange PLA things it ordinarily uses.


Alex said...

you might want to check the following things before you start redesigning

Forrest Higgs said...

Thanks, Alex! I can use... is. :-)