Monday, May 23, 2011

NEMA 23 connected to the Z-axis lead screw

With the completion of the gear pair last night, the connection between the NEMA 23 and the Z-axis lead screw is complete.

That milestone meant that I had to move Sampo into the front room so that firmware development could begin.


chylld said...

looking good! i'm curious if you'll get sufficiently fine control over Z with that setup...

i'm currently printing out prototype #4 for my wobble-less bed corners, #3 dialed out 80% of the wobble but like you i'm going for 100% :)

Forrest Higgs said...

@Chylld 80% is a huge improvement over what we have now. If my approach either fails or proves impractical, it will be nice to have your work to fall back on. :-D

chylld said...

all the missing pieces of the puzzle are arriving via express delivery tomorrow! if it works it should be able to completely isolate studding wobble of up to 2mm in each direction (total 4mm wobble)

had another look at your earlier pic showing the thrust collar, turnbuckle and linear bearing all lined up - i see how it works now :)

have you done a rough costing for your solution yet?

Forrest Higgs said...


"have you done a rough costing for your solution yet?"

LOL! No, not at all. I'm not trying to create a really cheap printer, only a very reliable one that does better prints than the Rapman. I have to see what works and what doesn't before I can make informed decisions about how to reduce its cost. :-)