Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Many months ago, I ordered new filament for my stocks. I order exclusively from New Image Plastics in that I know that Jim Waring there charges low rates and has consistently high quality. What with the economic troubles Jim has had trouble in recent years finding a broker willing to deal with small orders of less common polymers like ABS. He found such a broker recently, though, and was able to fill my order. :-)

Yesterday, my filament arrived; thirty lbs of 3 mm ABS at $7.95/lb and 10 lbs of polypropylene at $4.25/lb. With the ABS I already have, I think I am now set for the year.


Unknown said...

Ok dude, please share.

I would love to pick up a $150 dollar 30lb roll of ABS :)

Forrest Higgs said...

@Neil That's about $240, not $150. If you're still interested, you can call Donna at New Image at...

330 854-3010

They take credit cards.

I think they have a 10 lb minimum order. Keep in mind that production and delivery can take a long time, that is, several months. Still, I wouldn't use anybody else.