Saturday, February 03, 2007

Mounting the Mk 2.1

I stopped and did a little documentation photography of the final mounting of the Mk 2.1 to the Tommelise positioning system.

I created a mounting bracket out of a foot-long piece 1-1/2 x 1-1/2x1/16 inch aluminum "L" section. I sawed a section out in the middle to accomodate the Mk 2.1. Notice that the spring loaded studding bolts that maintain pressure on the filament in the polymer pump stick out behind the polymer pump so that you can't mount it flatly on the xz positioning table, thus the need for the aluminum "L" section bracket. The Tommelise's Mk 3 extruder will have an integral mounting bracket on the back side of the the polymer pump which will eliminate the need for the "L" section.

Here is a closer view of the mounting. You can see here that rather than saw the piece of flange off I simply bent it down. That was mere convenience on my part. You can also see the #10 machine bolts with wing nuts that I used to secure the brass mounting flange to the aluminum bracket. I have some longer #10's which I intend to spring load so that if there is a z-axis positioning mishap the Mk 2.1 extruder barrel will simply push upward against the springs rather than be thrust through the tempered glass xy working surface.

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