Sunday, July 18, 2010

First prints

Slice and Dice is pretty much working now. I'm not completely happy with how the infill and the perimeter prints hook up, but that's mostly parameter tuning. I'm debugging Slice and Dice while I am designing a robotic hand. Here is the distal phalange {finger tip} that I've done for a first try.

I've left out the infills in that they are not necessary.  Here you can see the first print that I am happy with.

I've really got to break down and find a camera that can do better closeups for small objects.  My periodontist uses one for photographing teeth, an Olympus, which might be the ticket.  I may well buy one after my quarterly tax payment is done towards the end of this month.

As you can see in this second pic, there is a separation between the outer and inner print road for the flexural axis.  I've got to reduce some the outer radius there or lower the extruder flowrate and go for three print roads instead of two on that part of the print.

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